Diskette One

Working with freedom is the most beautiful experience.

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Diskette One

Hand made in Bohemia, in the heart of Europe.
Available in three sizes.

Diskette One

Solid, thin and light, magnets on the edge.
These notebooks, neither sewn nor glued,
are for us a choice of freedom.

Handmade & hand-signed. The cover is made of the highest quality archival corrugated board used for storing precious books and prints. The pages are a stable 80gsm acid free archival paper, which guarantees a high durability and permanence of your notes. The notebook is neither sewn nor glued but almost invisibly bounded with an opaque string.

You can easily close the notebook thanks to the magnetic clasps, which are custom made and inserted into the cover with an utmost precision. The circle on the cover is hand screen printed using natural pigments.


Atelier Bozduganov
Jindřich Staněk
Ventry, Tralee, Co.Kerry, Ireland
+353 86 33 816 85

Jan Klimeš
 Bezděčín, Obrataň, 395 01 Czech Republic
+420 605 145 202‬